Using soy wax as the mould to cast cement and resin to experiment and to track the natural texture and patterns. The rein will heat up when it solidfy, and the wax which is the mould will be melted. The liquid wax will float up and cause the random pattern and the texture.

In the project Mix, I kept developing the idea about creating uniqueness through the design process I designed. Using wax as the mold then cast it by concrete and resin. The casting materials rise the temperature while they were solidifying, then melted the wax mold. So the casting materials catch the melting moment. When the wax transforms from the solid into liquid, it become lighter than the casting materials, so it going up and eroded the final form.
Also, through huge amount of experiments, the graphic in the models had certain similarity. Those graphics were generated by using the oil pigment to drip in the semi solidifying casting materials. They track the heat flow in the casting materials. In this project, it’s a step forward to purify the idea: how can invisible process become visible? Setting a processing rule and let materials cooperate with each others without hand touching.