Robin Chen is a Industrial Designer and Artist from Taiwan, and is now based in Orange County, California. With a demonstrated history of working in product design, conceptual design and production process, he also had experiences to cooperated with brands like Tonino Lamborghini, Bluestacks and SimpleHuman.

He welds the traditional industrial design and fine art design together In time when he studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and received his MFA at the year of 2016. During his time in Cranbrook, he focused his study on develop the process that can present time in forms, practice the philosophical connection between artificial and natural materials, and execute his works carefully planned and give it a set of controlled that reveal organic patterns, textures, and graphics that can simulate the natural phenomenon without human influences.

As a designer and artist, Robin believes the aesthetic of emerging art and the functionality of objects should be achieve at the same time in pursuit of a better living environment, and after years of exploring and practice, he certainly is looking into his creation in a much more balanced, thoughtful way, with poetic sentiment on the details, in goal to have his work not only speak to himself and the clients, but to speak to every one ever come across.